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Why make a Will?      
If you own property or have assets it is advisable that you make a Will and distribute your property and assets according to your wishes in the event of you dying. A properly drafted Will allows you to provide for your wishes and the needs of your spouse, children, partners and or family members. A Will can also deal with the appointment of Guardians and/or Trustees. It can also act as an important tax planning device.

Provided you are over the age of 18 and of sound mind you can make a Will. You will need to appoint an Executor/Executrix to administer your estate. Sometimes people appoint a close family member or friend. It is also possible to appoint your Solicitor or some other professional.

Why make a Will?

What happens if I die without making a will

What happens if I die without making a Will?
In the event of not making a Will, a person’s assets and property will be divided according to The Succession Act 1965. In effect this means that your spouse is entitled to your entire estate if there are no children, otherwise two-thirds to your spouse and one-third to your children. If you do not have a spouse, your estate goes to your children. If you are unmarried with no children it goes to your parents and if both parents are deceased to your brothers and sisters.

The cost of drafting and engrossing your Will with this firm is €200 plus VAT plus vat subject to terms and conditions.
Tax thresholds:
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We offer a full probate service in the event of a death including preparation of the Inland Revenue Affidavit and Probate Office papers. We will also answer any queries arising in the administration of the estate.

If you need to talk to us about any aspect of Wills and Probate Law, please use the contact details at the bottom of the page, or the email form on the Contact Us page.
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